What happens when...?

This section explains the results of doing something unusual with the system.

What happens when 2 users edit a booking at the same time?

It is possible for more than one user to edit the same booking at the same time. This could cause a problem if one user saves, then another user saves their changes over the top - the first user’s changes are silently overwritten.

The system guards against this just before it saves by checking that the original information has not changed since the record was opened. If it has changed, it displays a warning and will not allow the changes to be saved. In short, the first person to save ‘wins’.

What happens when I edit a repeating booking?

You will normally edit a repeating booking by clicking on the actual booking you want to change. When you try to save it, the system will ask whether you want to save just the booking you first clicked on, or every repeat booking from this booking forwards. If you choose just the one booking, your changes will be saved but this will stay as part of the repeat booking.

If however you choose every booking from this booking forwards, the system will stop the first repeat booking just before the one you clicked on and will create a new repeat booking from that date forward. This means changes to the first repeat booking will not be made to the bookings now part of the second repeat booking.

What happens when I edit a repeating booking after I’ve made later changes?

Say you set up a repeat booking to run for example from April to September. You then edit one booking in July and change the driver. If you then went and edited the repeat booking before the change in July and chose to apply it to all following events, you would lose the changes you had made to the booking in July.

What happens when I close the browser without logging off?

If you close the browser without logging off the system, you are still actually logged on with that browser. This means that if someone can access your computer and opens the system using the same browser, they will be able to access the system without entering a username and password. For this reason it is best to properly log out of the system except when you are confident your computer is secure.

What happens when I log on to the system on 2 different PCs?

It is possible to log on to the system on more than one PC, as the system does not restrict how many users are logged in. The only downside to this is that you may leave a system logged in by mistake, allowing someone else to make unauthorised changes to the system.

What happens when I press Cancel by mistake after entering data?

If you enter data into a popup and then press Cancel, the system will warn you that you are about to lose your changes and will ask for confirmation before it closes the popup. This guards against you pressing cancel by mistake.

What happens when I use a different web browser?

We recommend that you use Google Chrome to run the system, but the system will work in any modern browser, such as Firefox, Safari and later versions of Internet Explorer. If you run the system in Chrome and then start the system in another browser, you will have to log on again before you can use the system. It’s just like your running the system on 2 different PCs.

If you run the system in Chrome and then start another instance of Chrome and run the system there, you will find that you are already logged on when the system starts.

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Last updated on 13th Oct 2015