How do I...?

This section gives solutions to common tasks encountered while using OPTiMiSe.

How do I log in to the system?

Using a modern web browser (we recommend Google Chrome), go to Enter the name of your CTO, your username and your password into the boxes - remember that all three fields are case-sensitive. If you’ve forgotten your password, your administrator can set a new password for you.

How do I enter a new booking?

Click on ‘Bookings’ on the system menu and select the type of booking you want to enter. Click on ‘New’ on the page menu and fill in the form that is displayed. When you save this form, the Detail page for the booking will be displayed.

How do I change the dates displayed in the diary?

Use the arrows next to the date at the top left to go backwards and forwards a week or month at a time (depending on whether you are in week or month view). If you want to go to a specific date, click on the date itself and select a date using the popup calendar.

Hidden feature: click on the heading of the popup calendar to display all the months of the year and again to display years. This makes is quick to get to further away dates.

How do I enter a repeating booking?

Repeat bookings are very powerful and can save you a lot of typing! They allow you to enter a booking once and then have it repeat as often as you want.

All booking types allow you to enter repeat bookings. Just click on the ‘Repeat’ tickbox on the form. This will display the repeat booking interface.

The line at the top of the section shows details of the repeat booking in plain English. Clicking on this description hides and displays the repeat booking interface.

The main part of the interface allows you to set up the repeat booking by clicking on the blue text. The first line allows you to select whether the booking repeats daily, weekly or monthly. This choice affects the next option:

Daily the second line defaults to repeating every day. By clicking on ‘day’ you can make it repeat less often e.g. every 5 days.
Weekly the second line defaults to repeating every week on the current day, so if you were entering the booking on Friday this would say ‘Every week on Friday’. You can click on ‘week’ to repeat less often e.g. every 2 weeks. You can also click on the day to choose another day of the week. Note that you can click on more than one day in the list - a tick turns on and off next to each day as you click it. This allows you to set up a repeating booking for ‘Every week on Tuesday, Thursday’ for example.
Monthly the second line defaults to repeating every month on the current date. You can click on ‘month’ to repeat less often e.g. every 3 months.You can also click on the date to choose another date. Like weekly repeating, you can select multiple dates in the list to repeat more than once a month e.g. ‘Every month on the 5th and 12th’. An extra line appears when you select monthly. It is initially greyed out, but you can select it by clicking on it. This line allows you to select which day you want the booking to repeat e.g. ‘Every month on the second Monday’.

The final line at the bottom of the section allows you to either state that a booking should repeat indefinitely (‘Does not end’) or enter an end date for the booking.

When you enter a booking that repeats for longer than 12 months, the system will initially enter bookings for only 12 months. At the start of each month it will check your bookings and enter another month’s worth automatically for you. Bear in mind that this will reduce the total number of bookings you’ve got left. If this total drops below zero, you won’t be able to enter any more bookings.

How do I go back to the previous page?

As the system runs in a browser, you can go back to a page you were previously on simply by clicking the Back button in your browser. Note however that you can’t go back to a data entry popup.

If you have a popup open, you can also click Close or Cancel to go back without saving anything - if you’ve entered any data with system will check you didn’t press Cancel by accident before closing the popup.

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Last updated on 13th Oct 2015